Enjoy a smoother and Lower-carbon Ride with go by city energy

Go for smooth and reliable rides that are lower in carbon

Go is an electric vehicle charging service brought to you by City Energy. Reduce your carbon footprint when you’re living and driving with Go.


Need to charge your electric vehicle?


Want to install chargers on your premises?

Benefits You'll Enjoy

Benefits You'll Enjoy

For your EV:

Trusted and Reliable Service

Go is powered by City Energy, a leading energy provider in Singapore.

Fast Charging

Get going in a flash, with fast charging of up to 80% in 30 mins.*

24/7 Availability

Zero downtime across chargers from Go and our partner network.

Great Value

Only pay for what you use. No monthly or annual subscription fees!

Seamless Cross-Border Charging

More than 350 charge points at over 100 locations in Malaysia, with more to come.

Staying Connected

Access EV chargers in Malaysia from our partner network.

For your real estate:

Predictive Analysis

Our cloud-based management system shares utilisation data for trend analysis.

Scalable and Smart

Better manage units with smart demand data and power provision limitations.

Zero Cost Impact

No upfront, monthly or annual fee for installation, operation and maintenance.

Go by City Energy - Seamless Cross-border Electric Vehicle Charging Service


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Our Chargers

Get access to chargers for various needs:

AC charger

For users who are looking to charge their vehicles over a longer period of time.

  • Easy to find and operate through the Go app.
  • Higher charging power for shorter charging time.*

DC charger

For users who are looking for fast charging of vehicles.

  • Easy to locate and operate through the Go app.
  • Comes with both AC and DC charging options.
  • Fast charging within 30 mins (up to 80%).*

*Charging rate drawn and battery size are dependent on your EV. Please check with EV manufacturer for actual specifications.

How To Use

With the City Energy Go mobile app, you can charge your electric vehicle in 3 simple steps:


Connect the charge point connector to your EV.


Scan the QR code on the charge point or enter the ID of the charge point.


Press "Start Charging" to start your charging session.


Make sure your vehicle is ready to begin charging.


Connect the charging connector to your EV.


Scan the QR code found on the charger or enter the Chargepoint ID of the charger.


Press "Start Charging" to start your charging session.


When done charging, slide "Stop Charging" to end the session and disconnect your vehicle.