Cross-Border Charging

Two Countries, One App

Go to and from Malaysia with just one app. Experience seamless cross-border charging and access our EV charge points and partner points along the North-South Highway.

Through our partnership with EV Connection and Gentari (wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS), we have an extensive network of more than 350 charge points at over 100 locations in Malaysia, ensuring a smoother and lower-carbon ride for you.

Charging Your Electric Vehicle in Malaysia with Go by City Energy


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How To Use

With the City Energy Go mobile app, you can charge your electric vehicle in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Connect the charge point connector to your EV.

Step 2

Scan the QR code on the charge point or enter the ID of the charge point.

Step 3

Press “Start Charging” to start your charging session.

A Seamless Drive from Singapore to Malaysia

Charging Point
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A Seamless Drive from Singapore to Malaysia

For real-time charge point availability please download the City Energy Go mobile app.